Monday Helpful Links – February 1st 2016

Reading Time: 1 minuteUpgrade Your Brain: How to Spot a Common Mental Error That Leads to Misguided Thinking  An Introduction to Charlie Munger’s Latticework of Mental Models  People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently.  How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online


Monday Helpful Links – 25 January 2016

Reading Time: 1 minuteI want to share every Monday cool things I discover every week, this is the first round. At the moment I’m listening to a few interesting podcasts: – [Tim Feriss podcast]( – lifehacks, learning and business – [Awesome office ]( – leadership, management, company culture – [The Startup Chat]( – business, sales, startups Here are a few interesting articles Read more…


True but sad quote

Reading Time: 1 minute> People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.


8 things every person should do before 8 am

Reading Time: 1 minute