The Jobless Future

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Should we really be afraid that a lot of people won’t have jobs in the next 20 years? I think not. At the moment we don’t really understand the changes that new technologies and AI will bring but what happened today is happening since the industrial revolution, old jobs disappear and new jobs are invented.

The problem today and tomorrow won’t be the lack of jobs, it will be the lack of trained professionals to fill in those jobs. In the next years there will be a tremendous amount of unfilled jobs especially in IT and this gap will probably grow bigger by the year. The IT industry is gonna grow even more and in the next years the battle for attracting talented people and keeping them will be harder than ever before.

One solution could be the retraining of those left without jobs, but is not an easy task and most of the time not so successful.

Some say Universal Basic Income(UBI) will solve in part  the unemployment problem which is money, but I disagree. People don’t go to work just for money, they go to have a meaning and feel useful and UBI won’t help with that if they stay at home all day, which UBI might encourage it. What do we do about that?

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