The Illusion of Freedom in Entrepreneurship

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A lot of people are preaching about how cool it is to be an entrepreneur or freelancer but I want to point out a few things that show this road is not always the best and even if taken it might turn out to be something else than what is expected.

In the last years I asked myself a few times what if I would have chose to have a regular job, would my life be better? For sure it would have been different. I think self-doubt sometimes can be healthy and answering honestly to the question might help you when you struggle.

To come back to the title of the article, freedom in entrepreneurship is the illusion that magazines sell to readers that don’t know better by promoting the 1% and don’t show the 99% that struggle and hope for the best. Yes, you have freedom to take whatever decision you want but if you fuck up, well things can go from bad to very bad pretty fast. Most of the time you are not free, you have duties to your employees, customers and investors and usually is a burden not a blessing.

The same thing with the sharing economy, it doesn’t free people it makes them work extra, most have other jobs and they do Uber in their “free time”.

The few lucky ones are the forefront and get interviews because no one wants to hear about the bad stuff, success stories sell better.

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