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There is to much noise, too many people posting too much stuff. Some people take this as a contest, the one that posts the most stuff and has the highest number of likes wins.

I did a 30 day no social media challenge and is the best thing I did for me in a while. I am more relaxed, I am more productive and I read a lot more books. Time with yourself is time well spent.

Social media makes you unhappy

Yes it does,  link, link. I knew that, but I wasn’t doing anything about it, I just kept scrolling on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Wasting time and then wander what the hell I did in the last half an hour? Not much actually, that’s why I decided to change this behavior. I’ve deleted the Facebook app, Twitter and Instagram. Blocked the browser with an extension that doesn’t let me browse Facebook and the last thing, I made a plan of what can I do to replace the behavior or change it. I replaced it with taking a small break and read from Feedly articles with interest to my job.

We become addicted

The reason we are so addicted with social media is because we get instant gratification and our dopamine is constantly released every time we see something new and interesting. All those “aha moments” build up but you have a limited amount of mental energy to do this, at the end of the day we feel drained even if we didn’t do much because of this scrolling and liking.

You don’t consume social media, social media consumes you.

The scrolling might be simple but is draining your energy, energy that might be used better I would say. Try it for a few days, you won’t care that you didn’t know who did what, because is unimportant. The important stuff will get to you, don’t worry. News? Try following a few blogs on Feedly. Important articles? Medium is for you. What your friends did? Fucking call them and find out, that’s why is called a phone. Somehow the main feature of the device is used less and less.

Ditch the Facebook app, none of your 1000 Facebook “friends” won’t call the the “facebook police” to declare you missing. They won’t notice, Facebook is keeping them busy with something else.

People feel more lonelier today than ever before even though we are so connected to everything. We chase likes more than we chase hugs and Instagram shots of food are more important than the actual food is sitting in front of us, that’s crazy. Make more time for you, your real friends, look for real interactions.

The most important thing when you have real interactions is that you create memories, you create history. No memorable story starts with: I was browsing facebook and then…

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