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The other day I read about this startup that created some robots to make pizza and they want to stuff them in a van that drives around the city to deliver it hot. Great idea for something that has a simple recipe and it’s pretty standard, but for me food is about soul as well. Sometimes the people that make it are as important as the food they bring you. You get to enjoy what someone else made specially for you.

I love the interaction, when ordering and getting to know more details about a certain dish, or maybe they have something new that’s not on the menu.

The other day I went out with a friend at this bistro for something to eat and some wine. We got greeted at the entry and sit down at a table and when we were about to order the wine we were a bit indecisive about what to get when the waiter says “come with me and let’s see what we have in the wine cooler.” Got a nice bottle of Vinho Verde perfect for the hot weather outside, but to get to this one I asked about 3 times what else you’ve got.

This place is great, I’ve been before and things go naturally there, food is great and the wine selection top notch. I cannot see a robot/machine no matter what AI might have in it to be this natural, give you the vibe you are in the right place and you will have a good time. I think that one industry that should not be afraid of AI/robots is the hospitality business.

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