Your Website Security Starts with You

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When you think about your website security you think about the code or CMS, you think about the server where is hosted or the company that manages it. But most of the hacks are actually made due to poor security of those who own the website and have the credentials, and that is you. Protecting your store must be a priority and is not that hard.

The decisions you make when you setup your username, your password and how or where from are you logging in to your website can have consequences to the security of your website or store.

Bellow are a few suggestions to improve your own web security that will also help keep your website safe, this is not definitive and surely can be updated.

Use a password manager

A password manager will help you remember passwords, generate hard to guess passwords and fill them in whenever you need to with you touching the keyboard. Ex. 1Password and LastPass.

Use different usernames

You might be “NinjaWebMaster92” but nobody cares about that, use a different username for your hosting account, your domain account and your favorite forum account.

Use 2fa(two factor authentication) for important accounts

Do that for your main email account that could give hackers access to all your other important accounts, Paypal, hosting, bank etc. More details here for google accounts.

Have passwords on all devices

Add passwords to your phone, laptops and other devices that are connected to your main email account.

Use an Antivirus

There are cheap and great Antivirus software now, for $30 a year you can protect up to 5 devices, more than a enough.

Use your common sense

– Don’t open suspicious emails

– Don’t click on spam links

– Don’t install on your laptop, phone, PC suspicious apps. Tons of free games, free VPN and free software have spyware in them.

I will update the list as other things come up.

Stay safe ?

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