What do you get?

We are providing you with all the tools for your store to convert better and to make the most of your current website traffic.

What’s the price?

Usually these services taken separately would cost more than $1500 USD. But with our tools and easy standardized process it will only be $497.

What kind of improvements can you expect?

  • More clients and revenue with the same amount of traffic.
  • An overall better experience for your visitors that translates in more purchases but also more recurring clients.
  • More subscribers to your newsletter.
  • Less lost clients due to automation campaigns.
  • Better reports in analytics to see an improved picture of your store and take better decisions.


Example scenario:

Let’s say your conversion rate is 1% now and you make $1000 with 10.000 visitors per month. With The Better Shop Pack we can take that to 1.3% and the next month you make $1300 with the same 10.000 visitors and every month after, and if your number of visitors grows the more money you will make.

Real example (Digital products store):

Bellow is a an example of website that converted very bad on mobile, here I’ve tweaked a bit the mobile experience and search. This is a Google Analytics screenshot of what happened after 20 days. The website is not perfect and could be improved a lot more but this is a good start.
What is not included:
– new functionalities that need custom coding
– error fixing if any on the website that need custom code
– paid services like cart recovery and email marketing
– paid plugins if any
– any related hosting issues
– image processing services over 500 images quota